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ShoelaceMVC, My Newest Open Source Project – ASP.NET MVC 3 Starter Project for Building Fast AND Production Quality Webapps.

I recently came to the conclusion that I needed a MUCH better starter project for building ASP.NET MVC applications.  You see, I’m not a designer.  I just don’t have those skills.  I can make things look good in my head, but I can’t translate that to Photoshop and then to CSS attributes.  Then one day I stumbled upon Twitter’s Bootstrap project, which is a free, open source CSS/JS framework/library that has literally everything you need to build a quality, production ready application (from a design perspective).  It’s by far the most exciting project for me in a long time, as it fills the huge void and weakness that I have in building good-looking stylesheets from scratch.  Then, this past week I found CodeFirstMembership – an open source membership provider, similar to the ASP.NET .mdf file in the default starter projects, but that is written using EntityFramework Code First.  This…this was huge.  So I decided to begin to curate all these technologies in to an ASP.NET MVC starter project to end all starter projects (ya know, if you plan to go live very soon after you start and expect folks to not throw up when they see your site).