"Enabling SessionState for SharePoint 2010" OR "This report failed to load because session state is not turned on."

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint is a configuration nightmare.  There are so many settings that the more configuration settings you learn, the more you learn there are more settings that you’ve not even discovered yet.  For reporting, and specifically for me, running reports under an Issue Tracking site, SessionState must be turned on for the SharePoint 2010 web application.  If you don’t, you’ll get the error:

This report failed to load because session state is not turned on. Contact your SharePoint farm administrator.”

To enable SessionState, follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Navigate to down to the site that is your SharePoint 2010 instance.  Typically, this will be named “SharePoint – 80”.
  3. Open the Modules settings.
  4. Under the Actions menu to the right, select Add Managed Module…
  5. Wait for the dialog to pop up…(it takes a bit)
  6. Enter a name for the new module, like “SessionState” (this is for reference only), and select the type of System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateModule, Version=

Now SessionState is enabled for your SharePoint site!

Note:  If you decide to install Project Server or Team Foundation Server on the same server farm as your standard SharePoint instance(s), then they will automatically install the SessionState module during their configuration.  If you have previously installed the SessionState module and then install SPS or TFS, then you will need to go back in and remove the SessionState module that you added, as there will then be two conflicting references and will bring down all SharePoint sites with an error.  Just remove your reference and everything will be back to normal.

Ryan Hayes

Ryan is a Microsoft MVP award winner with over eight years of software experience, working with big-name clients such as Discovery Channel, AOL, Toyota, and the National Academy of Sciences. Ryan has helped teams deliver award-winning applications that drive business processes, site traffic, and profit, putting his experience and creativity to work to build amazing solutions for the enterprise web, desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Bitcaptor

    Saved me a lot of searching, thank you dude! :)

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    Thank you!

  • Moazzam

    Thank you and for people who have other sites also, just create this module for all site collections.

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    It took me awhile to land on your fix but… Thank YOU!

  • Cstevenson

    Had the same problem with the issues database site.  If I remember right, it was working when I first created the site but after some time it was giving me the “this report failed to load because session state is not turned on” error.  Took me a few tries/days to find this blog but glad I did.  Thanks.