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JavaScript Best Practices for Increasing Website Performance

If you’ve done any web development before, you’ve probably had to work with JavaScript.  It’s the secret sauce that makes the web come alive and has in recent years gone from a language that was looked down upon as 3rd rate to one that is taking the web by storm.  With AJAX and JQuery the key pieces of interactive web design, and users becoming more performance-demanding every day, it’s important to know how to tune your site for speed and efficiency.  Luckily, Nokia (yes, the old school cell phone company!) has a great cheat sheet to help prune JavaScript and make your code scream.

Of course, you should always minify your code before you go live by removing comments and shortening names (you can use tools for that), but there are some great “huh, that’s interesting” entries in Nokia’s JavaScript Performance Wiki.  It’s a catalog of great, useful tips for writing better JavaScript code.  Check it out and learn something!

Javascript Performance Wiki:

(Via Carter Rabasa)