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Automating Daily Status Reports with Project Server and Team Foundation Server

In the past, I’ve had managers who have asked me for a daily status report of all of the items I’ve worked on during the day…every single one.  They essentially said if it’s not documented that it didn’t happen.  With all the tools we have available to us as developers, there should never actually be a case where what we code isn’t documented.  I’ve heard many people say that 10 minutes is about the amount of time you should have between source control commits, which means there should be a TON of paper trail to show for what you’re working on.  The problem is how do you show this to non-technical managers?  Do you give them access to source control to see commits?   What if even printing out the commit log is too technical for them?  At bare minimum, they’re likely using some sort of project management tool.  Luckily, today we can connect source control, bug/task trackers, and project management tools together to automate “daily status reports” away forever.  In this video I talk about Microsoft’s Project Server and Team Foundation Server connector that lets you do just that.  Take a look.