Littlefoot Wasn't Really A Brontosaurus!

One of my favorite movies growing up was The Land Before Time. It’s about the adventures of a group of young dinosaur friends who are trying to get to Ever Green Valley so they never have to worry about volcanoes or asteroids or T-Rexes or rush hour traffic ever again. The main character though, was a brave little brontosaurus named Little Foot…or so we thought! It seems that “Brontosaurus” is incorrect. See, the story goes that back in the 1800s, this guy was putting together dinosaur bones, which is kinda like a jigsaw puzzle but with more awesome. He successfully put together the body of an apatosaurus, but put the wrong head on top! When he stepped back to admire the Apatosaurus, he realized it looked like a new species!! “I’ll call this thing a brontosaurus!”, he probably said! Of course, it wasn’t a new species, just misplaced bones, but the lovable, cuddly brontosauruses continue to steal our hearts to this day. Personally, I’ll probably always call them brontosauruses, because I’ll always believe Little Foot was real, just like the Ninja Turtles…

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Ryan Hayes

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